Penis Enlargement Info

Natural, Surgical, & Non-Surgical PE Info

Since the dawn of time, man has explored several techniques that might work for enlarging their penis—here are a few examples. 

A definitive collection of online penis enlargement information & resources collected from the best PE websites, forums, & sexual health studies. The following information is categorized by popular methods & techniques that are proven to enlarge the penis.

Natural PE Techniques

Penis enlargement methods and gurus are prevalent across the net, but which natural methods may actually work?

Natural penis enlargement exercises, such as jelqing, stretching, and pumping.

Many natural pe guides start men off with the basics. The first exercise often taught is the jelq exercise. Jelqing is a “milking” motion made with squeezing the fingers, typically in an “OK sign,” starting around the base and slowly work the finger grip to the tip of the glans (penis head).

An OK sign is all you need to perform jelqing exercisesAn example of an OK-grip which is used for jelqing

How to Jelq Video Guide

One of the first methods that are taught in male enhancement guides is the jelqing exercise. The jelq technique is the foundation of many more advanced exercises such as erect holds, and variations of dld blasters.

Non-Surgical PE Injections

Bigger penis girth (penile circumference) can be achieved with dermal filler injections such as PMMA or hyaluronic acid. The injectable procedures are considered non-surgical because there is no cutting involved with surgical tools or instruments. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), PMMA injection methods for girth enlargement are proven to provide permanent results.

Temporary dermal fillers injections with hyaluronic acid are proven to last 2 years or less. According to this article by the American Board of Cosmetic surgery, “hyaluronic acid fillers tend to be the most temporary option, and therefore are often recommended for first-time filler patients. These will typically last from 6 to 18 months.”

PMMA Injections Girth Video

A PMMA injection procedure is detailed in the following video. The pe video features Dan Salas from Surgery LIFE Enhancement. The doctor injects PMMA below the skin of the penis shaft. Weeks after the girth injections are performed, the cellulose carrier is fully absorbed, leaving behind only the residual PMMA microspheres.

In the months following the girth enhancement injections, the tiny spheres are surrounded by the patient’s own collagen tissue. Essentially, after injection, PMMA activates the patient’s own body to grow new penis tissue that provides a thicker, or fatter girth circumference.

Surgical Enlargement Procedures
Probably the most controversial methods of penis enlargement are the surgical techniques. Surgeries come with risks and possible complications.

Procedures that Enlarge Girth – Primary methods of achieving girth through penis enlargement surgery include free fat transfer (FFT), Alloderm® graft widening, Belladerm© acellular grafts, dermal graft widening (DFG), and saphenous vein grafting.

Procedures for Lengthening – Surgical penis lengthening involves the cutting of the suspensory ligament to disjoin the penis from the pubic bone. The dissection of the suspensory ligament creates a space above the exposed base of the penis. The surgically created space allows more usable erect penis length that was previously blocked by this fibrous ligament tissue. Dissection of the suspensory ligament also frees the penis and allows for a possible outward extension of the inner penis.

Penis Enlargement Procedure Video

Video about Jarrod, a man from Los Angeles who decides to have his genitalia surgically altered to increase the size of his penis. The movie was aired on the BBC channel a few years ago. The video is graphic and shows a complete penis enlargement procedure and follows up with Jarrod post-op.


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